Launching a new product or service is a costly, complicated and multi-faceted challenge that can turn into a monumental success or an embarrassing failure. Through a combination of automated technologies and analyst expertise, 1Ders can help marketers, product developers and advertisers measure, understand and manage consumers’ reaction to a product launch—before, during and after—no matter what the product.

Be it your innovative new product or your swank new facility,R C Media Planet helps you launch with panache and sophistication, and

enough to wow your target audience! 1) Product Launches, 2) Facility Launches, 3) Service Launches, 4) Showroom Launches.

We work to establish a connection between consumers and brands through creative communications and experiential marketing activities.The R C Media Planet team loves the challenge that comes with understanding what makes an audience tick and drives them to act. Our creative event marketing strategies and brand activation solutions have helped global businesses establish a more receptive relationship with consumers, while improving brand advocacy, loyalty and word of mouth.